Will Liebrecht, Cambridge University

Submitted by admin on 07/02/2017
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Will Liebrecht

My time in Manah was the best possible introduction to Oman, where I stayed on to spend my year abroad in various corners of the country. From our first drive between the mountains from Muscat to Manah to our last floodlit game of football, studying at the college was an education not only in conversing with Omanis, but also in the traditions and day to day life of the country. I have very fond memories of every aspect of life in Manah. Each day started with an amazing array of breakfast options, from the familiar cereals and eggs to curry and samosas, which we all eventually decided to try. Then we would pile onto the college minibus with the six soldiers from around the world who were also attending the course, each of whom had some fantastic stories and a few hidden talents. A day in college consisted of morning classes followed by lunch, which was just as good as breakfast. Each afternoon we would meet with our language partners, all of whom have become great friends. After quite an intensive day, the college hostel was the ideal place to relax with friends and play pool, go to the gym or study in the evenings. We even managed to get a game of cricket going under the floodlights outside, in which the star players were without fail the Indian and Pakistani soldiers, or Marina, whose eye for the ball was unrivalled.

Once the week was over we had time to relax, attend a lecture at the college or play football with our language partners and their friends before setting off on a trip to one of the many amazing sites in Oman. We had a brilliant weekend in the desert of Wahiba Sands, another up in the mountains of al-Jabal al-Akhdar and day trips to Muscat, Nizwa and Sur. Aside from the college's excellent organisation and consideration for its students' comfort, enjoyment, studies and socialising opportunities, the students and the Omanis associated with the college were great company both for serious study and relaxing in our free time, and I'm sure that we will remain friends for many years to come.