Harry Bolton, Autumn term 2017

Submitted by admin on 29/03/2018
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Harry Bolton

The experiences I had when in Oman with the school were extremely unique and have forged even fonder memories of such a wonderful country.

Firstly, the other Gap Students I was with made the whole trip, Maryann, Tom and Beatrice were the best company to have in Oman and together as such a close group we managed to explore the majority of the country! Whether it was trips to Jebel Shams and Akhdar, Fins beach, Wadi Shab or the Wahiba we never failed to leave any stone unturned and experienced all that Omans beautiful scenery had to offer.

I was lucky enough to get to explore more of the Gulf during my stay in Oman by getting involved with the Muscat Rugby Football Club. With whom Tom and myself travelled to Kuwait and the Emirates to play a mixture of tournaments and matches. The Wadis of Oman never fail to amaze me and we were lucky to be taken to some brilliant places by the Griffins as well as experience the culture of the castles with the Year 4 trip to Al Hazm castle near Rustaq.

As a student who is going to study Middle Eastern Studies and Arabic the whole trip was an incredible experience and taught me some valuable lessons that will no doubt help me with further studies and life in general. The hospitality and warmth that the Omani nation give will forever be a fond memory of mine. I hope that the scheme encourages more young students to experience this wonderful country and gain some of the brilliant memories that I have made being in Oman.