Harriet Tinker, Durham University

Submitted by admin on 07/02/2017
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Harriet Tinker

It was a real pleasure to take part in the Arabic language summer programme at the Sultan Qaboos Academy in Manah in 2015. The unique programme at the College improves students' Arabic language skills and their cultural understanding. In particular, I and other students made progress as a result of the small group sessions with local language partners, which allowed us to gain a real understanding of Omani family life and culture. Similarly I was proud to engage in cultural dialogue with these partners, and I hope that they also learnt something about British life (even if they didn't think much of the haggis!). Weekend excursions to Oman's famous deserts and mountains allowed us to glimpse the country's natural beauty and left us all urging friends and family to visit. Perhaps most importantly, and the lasting impression of this beautiful country, is that we all left with great new friendships from both Oman and the UK.