Apply for Membership

Apply for Corporate Membership

  1. Please print and complete the Corporate Membership Application Form (see below).

    Proposer: Membership applications cannot be accepted without proposal by an existing member of the Society. Please secure an existing member’s signature in advance of sending your application. If you do not know any existing members of the Society, please contact the manager ( who will make arrangements accordingly.

  2. Please print and complete the Corporate Standing Order Mandate Form (see below).
    Please note that we require the original signed copy of the Standing Order Mandate form and not a scanned or faxed copy.

  3. Send the completed forms by post to:  
    The Manager (Membership), 
    The Anglo-Omani Society, 
    34 Sackville Street, 
    W1S 3ED,

4. Please note that you are entitled to nominate four employees to attend our events. Please nominate one employee as our primary contact and up to three others on the form below.

5. Once your membership application has been approved we will be in touch and you will be notified of your Membership ID. The Society will enter this ID onto your Standing Order Mandate Form before forwarding it to your bank.


If you have not received confirmation within 7 days (from date of UK posting) or 14 days (from date of overseas posting) please contact the Society.