Andrew Horsewood, Oxford University

Submitted by admin on 07/02/2017
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Andrew Horsewood

Spending five weeks in Oman at the Sultan Qaboos College for teaching Arabic to Non-Native Speakers was a fantastic experience for me personally. It allowed me to obtain a greater insight about Oman and its rich heritage and culture through the diverse range of activities put on for us. These included language classes, lectures, trips, language exchange sessions and sports days, all of which allowed us to embrace the country and its citizens. I greatly enjoyed, in particular, the opportunity to converse in Arabic with Omanis of different ages. All of the people we met during our stay were incredibly friendly and provided many great memories. And, of course, my Arabic improved greatly. I would definitely like to return to Oman in the near future and further my knowledge of the country. I’m very appreciative to have been selected for this programme and would like to express my gratitude to those who made it happen and their generous contributions.